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Rogue is a nod to individuality; it’s about doing things your own way to create a unique space that may not follow the rules. We address the needs and wants of each client, incorporating elements that inspire, for an atmosphere that truly feels like home.

Previous Clients

My wife and I are both amazed by how talented Melinda is. We had her design a kitchen for us back in 2007 and she did a fantastic job, she was able to capture all our likes into a design that made a small kitchen with very limited work space into an open and very functional kitchen. We have since moved into a home with an even more challenging kitchen and again Melinda came up with a design that’s far better than we ever imagined.

Gary B

This is the second time I have worked with Melinda & will do so again.  She is extremely knowledgeable & very dependable – always getting back in a timely manner. I respect her professionalism & appreciate that she will do everything in her power to correct a problem when it arises.


I’ve been working with Melinda for the past 3 years and it has been outstanding. Being a designer / woodworker myself it’s nice to collaborate with someone who appreciates the very fine details of each project. Her exciting optimistic personality and excellent customer service is unmatched to anyone that I’ve work with in this business. Melinda is very good at what she does.

Modern Touch Designs by Rob Gruber

The art is in the detail. We have been working with Melinda for the past few years. We are an upper scale construction company that finds attention to detail to be paramount. From start to finish every aspect of design and function should be considered. Having used a number of designers in the past, we are thoroughly pleased when working with her and feel strongly any client will be well served to consult a professional like Melinda. To date every project has been has been outstanding. We look forward to continued success.

– Distinctive Contracting Services

Principal Designer

Melinda Woodruff

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